Brand Experience Report 2017: Four newbie specialists to watch

Our pick of the best new agencies making a splash in the experiential world.
Muster Founded In January 2017, Tom Rutter and Alec Braun, previously joint managing directors of Engine's Slice, launched Muster, a brand experience agency for The & Partnership. Financial forecast for the next 12 months A good start to the year has meant Muster achieved its H1 target. Alec Braun, creative director of Muster, says: "With a healthy pipeline in the second half of 2017, we forecast that we will finish the year on target. We continue to be confident that we can achieve our growth target of 60% from year one to year two." Owner Alec Braun, Tom Rutter and The & Partnership Why are we watching Rutter and Braun spent almost a decade at Jack Morton Worldwide before joining Slice. After only 18 months, they became joint managing directors. Three years later, Muster was born with the support of WPP-backed The & Partnership. Braun says: "We do two things really effectively that sets us apart from the competition. Tom and I spent almost a decade at the largest B2B agency in the UK, honing our strategic understanding. We then took over and led an award-winning B2C agency. So, now we offer clients the best of both worlds. We make business events more engaging by applying brave consumer-style thinking and we make consumer experience campaigns more successful by applying strategic business understanding." Current clients As well as consumer-focused projects currently being delivered for Fever-Tree and RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), Muster is working on a number of business events across Europe with audience sizes ranging from 125 to 1,000 people. The big project Kicking off in July at Imbibe Live before taking up residency at London Cocktail Week in October, Fever-Tree has partnered with Muster to develop a short-form escape game. Designed to entertain, inspire and educate, the competitive game will be played in pairs, against the clock and immerse on-trade customers and consumers into the history of the brand. A number of quick-fire tasks will require players to taste, smell and recognise Fever-Tree’s premium dark spirit mixers before going on to complete a final puzzle to escape the experience and claim ultimate victory. The ambition Tom Rutter, managing director of Muster, says: "Our ambitions are three-fold: firstly we aim to partner with the other The & Partnership agencies to offer their existing clients credible and compelling experiential extensions to their existing campaigns. Our second aim is to win and deliver creative work for a range of new clients and establish Muster as their long-term brand experience partner. Thirdly, we want to grow quickly and create an international Muster presence within 24 months." Read more