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Fjord EQX

Festival of creativity for all 1500 of Accenture's designers


Bring more than 1,500 designers from across the world together for 4 days of updates, learning, networking and sharing best practice along with a client focused event to kick off the programme.​


A festival of creativity in a single venue in Berlin that began with the entire agency coming together for a series of main stage sessions before breaking out into workshops in LED reactive structures and local studio curated exhibition pods before returning to the main space for an evening celebration.​

It was a pleasure to partner with you in designing and delivering an epic EQX. A new bar has been set. Thank you for finding ways of integrating, at times, conflicting directions - we did it, we delivered, and all our attending clients participated in a milestone event. It wouldn’t have happened without you…and it was fun working together, which is the best part of it.

Thomas Mueller

Global Design Lead, Accenture​

Fjord 1
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