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Lynx Space Academy​

2,000 space cadets competing over 4 days for a trip into space


Create an IRL competition mechanic for more than 200,000 hopeful star explorers to win the chance to go into space on Virgin Galactic as part of Lynx’s multi-channel campaign for its new Apollo fragrance.​


We delivered an epic live final for the top 250 cadets at LSA Live - a broadcast style physical competition to test the online cadets across moon mountain ascents and a bespoke inflatable assault course. Using RFID we pushed scores straight to social channels and the entire 2 days were webcast live. ​

Power of experience effect

200,000 people saw the event live at Westfield, generating 18 million trend impressions and more than 28 editorial publications. Then won best brand experience at the Marketing Week Awards.​

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