Consultancy firm: Innovation showcase and global meeting

Partnering with one of the world’s largest consultancy firms to bring their annual meeting of 1500+ design employees together for a 3 day festival of creativity, innovation and masterclass content sharing.

The experience kicked off with a client event and offsite dinner celebration for some of the firm’s top C-Suite guests

We designed an impressive stage and AV solution to ensure all of the 60+ international offices could all come together in the plenary space

On stage content in the morning then broke out into a festival space for employees to explore as they wished. Specific content and showcase classes in each of the ‘pods’ were run to time using LED lights within the structures to show when sessions were coming to an end

The pods featured pop-up, TED style mini-lectures on everything from coding to mixed reality

The festival was anchored by a pulsing digital ‘campfire’ where ad-hoc presentations and briefings took place throughout the afternoon

Each international office was then provided with a dedicated ‘blank canvas’ space for them to bring to life one of their key case studies from the last year

As employees went back to their rooms to change in the early evening we turned the entire festival into a late-night party space with LED performers, pamper-parlours and photo-opportunities for the final night celebration

unmissable experience

Content from the onstage sessions, pod activities and celebrations were available to employees in real-time via a dedicated event app including our group shot of everyone!

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