Fever-Tree: Perfect Pairings touring experience

As part of our second year as Fever-Tree’s experiential partner we designed, produced and toured the Perfect Pairing experience; an illuminated bar back, working bar unit, gin school space, and multiple ‘flavour stations’ intended to educate consumers on the perfect tonic pairing to their preferred gin.

To support the ‘if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best’ strategy, Fever-Tree tasked us with bringing their mixer wheel to life for real at a number of events across 2018.

Our solution was the Perfect Pairings Bar that went live at Junipalooza, Big Feastival and London Cocktail Week. Combining a working bar unit with a giant illuminated version of the mixing wheel that contained real bottles of gin.

We used simple models to scale the experience for each of the very different events and then further extended the perfect pairings ambition with the inclusion of 4 ‘flavour stations’ where consumers could inhale the individual aromas of the tonics for a truly multisensory experience.

The concept was then fabricated with touring in mind and designed to pack down into small flight cases while be transported on a single vehicle. Built, finished and lit in a matter of hours the ‘kit’ went on to bring the brand to life at three summer events.

unmissable experience

Staff and ambassadors at each of the events encouraged consumers to capture pictures of the giant mixer wheel to refer to when ordering their next perfect pairing - both at Fever-Tree’s own events and any others they might be attending.

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