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Accenture DLC Summit​

Taking Accenture's top account leads into the B2B jungle


Create a standout Diamond Leaders experience over 3 days in Boston that gave both senior leaders and the rest of the council a chance to see, hear, interact and question the global leaders and their portfolio of clients in a unique forum format.


Bringing the creative platform of ‘Be the Jungle’ to life as a way of dramatising the unpredictable environment diamond leaders need to operate in. All guests had to creep through an immersive jungle entrance to the main ‘clearing’ that was then brought to life with the ‘dangers of the modern world’ from 360º soundscapes around the audience to interruptive performances on stage throughout the programme.

What an incredible partnership and I am so appreciative of everyone for flawlessly executing our DLC Summit. ​

To the whole team – I was amazed at how you thought of every last detail and were willing to run any errand or do any job and to just be able to pivot on a dime when ever anything changed. We are all so appreciative and have enjoyed working with you so much!

Kristen Nagel

Senior Manager, Learning & Leadership Development, Accenture​

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