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Lexus Extraordinary Everyday

Reimagining the static vehicle display into a fame-first series of content engine events


Dramatising the Extraordinary Everyday across 4 regional content engine events that took an everyday driving location unique to each city and twisted the tropes to create unique Lexus LBX-only moments for content capture.


Event 1: Milan
The Extraordinary Car Wash included a calming soaking zone, a maze of life-sized rollers and billowing ribbon behind the LBX static display to create a sense of movement during the height of summer in Italy.

Event 2: London
The Extraordinary Car Park transformed an underground concrete basement into a multi-sensory and immersive light gallery with gesture, voice and even pulse activated art installations.

Event 3: Paris
The Extraordinary Boulangerie converted a traditional Parisian bakery into an immersive culinary experience ft Michelin star chef, Mory Sacko. Guests stepped through ingredients, food prep and the dramatic sounds of extraordinary tastes before reaching the featured LBX in the centre.

Power of experience effect

396 million pan-European impressions resulting in 116 million total views.

The campaign broke free of automotive only features and secured editorial coverage in lifestyle publications including Grazia and GQ.

LBX Launch Milan 52910 copy
Lexus LBX Event 2023 235 copy
Lexus Paris 8 copy Large